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Become a 7-a-side football organizer in Madrid

Football is one of the favorite sports of people of all ages. To play it, you don’t have to be a professional, in fact, it’s very common to form teams in the office, at university, at school, in the residence, etc., to play in free time, either during the week or on weekends.

Currently, there is an application that allows you to organize 7-a-side football matches in Madrid quickly and easily. It is IF7SPORTS, a tool that is very helpful for sports centers and football fields in Madrid, but also for organizers in general.

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Are matches organized in the summer to play football in Madrid with IF7SPORTS?

You can play a football match in Madrid any day of the week and during the summer season, all of this is possible by registering on the website or downloading the IF7SPORTS app. Through this platform, those who want to play 7-a-side football can open their profile, selecting the city and the match they want to participate in. In this way, the organizer manages all the matches, creating the event with its respective dates and times, and selecting the 14 players.

Furthermore, through the application, more than 300 matches are held per month on playing fields such as Newman school, Canal, CEIP El Sol, Madrid Río, Isla Tabarca, Pozuelo, Montecarmelo, Polideportivo la Perla, Polideportivo Breogán, among others. The events are held with all the necessary equipment to develop this sport: balls, red and blue vests to differentiate each team.

On the other hand, IF7SPORTS has an online store where users can buy a shirt for training and matches or bring their own shirt and print it with the number and name of their choice.

What is 7-a-side football and how to organize a match with IF7SPORTS?

7-a-side football is a sport that is played at an amateur level with two teams made up of groups of seven players. It also has its specific rules established by the International 7-a-side Football Federation (FIF7).

Many people love playing football, but sometimes they are unable to do so because they don’t have a team. That’s why the IF7SPORTS system has been created, which aims to bring together lovers of this popular sport, but also facilitate the process of organizing teams for sports centers.

Amateur matches can be organized in a practical way through the IF7SPORTS website or app. To do so, it is necessary to gather 14 players and register them in the system. Game schedules adapt to all needs, as there are shifts every day of the week, during morning or afternoon.

IF7SPORTS provides players with all the necessary tools such as vests and balls. It also assigns a playing field for each match, always ensuring that it is in the best conditions so that the activity can be carried out safely and without setbacks.

What are the benefits of using the IF7SPORTS platform?

Organizing a 7-a-side football match can be a very simple task thanks to platforms like IF7SPORTS. Additionally, one of the great advantages of this system is that matches are recorded and uploaded to a YouTube channel. Additionally, each player can know who they will be playing against by requesting the profiles of the players.

Team members must comply with some rules such as wearing the shirts of the indicated colors and arriving 10 minutes before the event.

Independent organizers and sports centers can benefit from platforms like IF7SPORTS, which use technology to make people’s lives simpler without the need to leave.

IF7SPORTS, the best option to play football in Madrid

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If, after reading and learning about what IF7SPORTS does, you want to play football alone or with your friends in Madrid or other cities in Spain, download IF7SPORTS!

The IF7SPORTS app is available for iOs, Android and Web, it will allow you to play football wherever, whenever and with whomever you want in Madrid and other cities in Spain.

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