• Restrictions

    • Deletion within 24 hours prior to the start of a game

      The user will be responsible for the attendance and payment of the companions he/she has invited. In addition, in case one or more of the invited teammates cannot attend, he/she should contact us as soon as possible so that we can search the waiting list for substitute players.

    • Missing the event

      Being signed up, it is not allowed to miss. If something unexpected happens (work, accident, injury, etc...) and no substitute is found (check the waiting list, bring a friend or let us know as soon as possible), you will pay the match fee. If someone is absent, and does not communicate his absence, he will have to pay the amount of the match plus 1€ of fine so that he can sign up again to an event.

    • Smoking

      Smoking tobacco and illicit substances is strictly forbidden in sports facilities.

    • Penalty

      The accounts and bonuses are non-transferable, they are only for the sole and exclusive use of the user. If a user has a debt in an account and creates another account to not pay, one of the accounts will be canceled and the debt will be added to the oldest account plus a 1€ fine.

  • Duties

    • View the event board before leaving the event

      Before going out to any game you must see the board or match forum, for any last minute changes and confirm that there is game. In case of suspending a game it will be for lack of players, 1 hour before the game we need a minimum of 12 people confirmed with green check √ to register the game, those with symbol "?" are not confirmed.

    • Meeting point

      You must be there 15 minutes before the game to dress, make the equipment, warm up and pay. You must verify your attendance and payment on the lists with the organizer. Attire Bring red and blue jerseys, short boots, shorts, shorts, soccer socks and shin guards for all games. Arriving early has benefits, you earn 1 point for each match you arrive early, when you arrive 10 minutes early ask the QR to the organizer, accumulate 10 points and exchange for 5€ for matches.

    • Clothing

      Bring red and blue jerseys, short boots, shorts, shorts, soccer socks and shin guards for all games.

    • Sign up in advance

      In order to organize a game you must sign up with a minimum of 48H to 24H in advance if you can much earlier better, the minimum number of players to make a game is 12 people confirmed with check √ green

    • Weather Conditions

      Rain, snow, cold, heat is not a reason to suspend a game, the fields are paid for, rain does not prevent the game from being played.

    • Waiting list

      When the main list is filled you must write on the board of the game you want to play or send a WhatsApp to +34 652 73 20 12. The waiting list does not have priority, if you decide to go to the field you will not be able to play unless one of those called on the list is missing.

  • Organization

    • Fairplay

      The clear fouls will be sung by the players themselves, it must be something clear and accepted by all teammates, it is forbidden insults, taunts, fouls with bad intentions, spitting and any kind of aggression, all this will be grounds for expulsion.

    • Challenges and teams

      If you have a complete team we can get you rivals, if you have 2 teams we can get you a field, please contact us.

    • Sports Equipment

      We have soccer balls, red and blue dungarees, inflators, etc. They will be for the exclusive use of our users. Any ball that is thrown out of the field, must be located by the responsible player, in case it is not found, he/she will have to pay for it. In case you need a shorts or socks we have sportswear for sale, ask the organizer. We offer sports equipment, balls and sports equipment related to soccer at a good price, printed in vinyl, names, numbers, logos, etc.

    • Level

      You can evaluate your teammates after each match by clicking on their profile, with the sum of the evaluations you will have an overall average of each user's level and aptitude on the field. You can also follow them to play with them. The difficult thing was to get matches to play at any time because of your work schedule, family, etc ... now you are looking for the next step, matches where you compete and there is an acceptable soccer level, where you have teammates who have a technical and physical performance determinant. At this point we offer you the leagues in the IF7 sports teams. Contact us to place you in the team that best suits you.

  • Passes

    • Unlimited morning pass 40€

      Duration 30 days from purchase, play as much as you want, from 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday, non-holiday days, only for Canal ocio y Deporte.

    • Morning pass 10 games 35€.

      No expiration date, plays 10 games, 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday non-holiday days only for Canal ocio y Deporte.

    • Total pass 60€

      Duration 30 days from purchase, play as much as you want all day, all the time in any installation..

    • Day pass 10 games 45€

      No expiration date, play 10 games anywhere you want in the afternoon or evening at any facility.

    • Annual pass 350€.

      Duration 365 days from purchase, you would pay per day 0,96€ per day and play whenever and wherever you want.

    • Penalty

      Signing up for an event with the voucher, not coming, not giving notice will be penalized with the payment of the match plus a fine of €1 per match signed up for.

  • Promotions

    • QR code earns points for early arrival.

    • Passes, save with bonuses, play more and pay less.

    • Personalized t-shirts, enter our store and buy your t-shirt.

    • Promo code. bring a friend and win 2.50€ for you and your friend..


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