IF7KING LEAGUE logo printed on a green bib.

2nd. IF7KING LEAGUE Edition

Yesterday, December 10, the renewed 2nd edition of the IF7KING LEAGUE took place, an event where a football format known as El Rey de la Pista is played.

The King of the Track

This format consists of the formation of three teams: Team A, B and C. The confrontation begins with Team A against Team B, playing a match that lasts 10 minutes or until one of the two teams scores 2 goals. The team that wins the match gets 3 points and remains on the court. In case of a tie, the team that entered takes the 3 points. The losing team is then replaced by the remaining team, and so on, for about 2 hours. The team that accumulates the most points at the end is crowned the king of the track.

At IF7SPORTS, it has been decided that, in the event of a tie in a match, the team that enters will be favored. This decision has been convenient, since it forces the teams to continue scoring goals. In other cases, the team that had won the previous match could opt for a defensive position, since, in the event of a tie, they would still be on the court. This decision was made to increase the excitement of the matches, based on our years of experience organizing football events.


A referee and a DJ were hired, the latter providing the atmosphere throughout the event. Also, we have our photographer and a cameraman to immortalize this edition. In addition, we recorded the event with our VEO camera and conducted interviews with the participants. All content generated during the event is expected to be available next week. Stay tuned to our social networks!. It is worth mentioning that, for future editions, we are considering the possibility of broadcasting live through Twitch or other platforms.

All participants received a personalized bib from the event as a souvenir, and the winners were awarded gold medals with the IF7KING LEAGUE logo, while the runners-up received silver medals. In addition, we celebrated the victory of the kings of the track with a bottle of champagne and confetti.

With the IF7KING LEAGUE we seek to provide an exciting, fun experience full of action and skill for our players, as a celebration of the sport we love so much. We hope our players enjoyed the event to the fullest and stay tuned for the next edition!

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