Photograph of the first Liguilla of the IF7KING LEAGUE.

IF7KING LEAGUE formats: "Rey de la Pista" and "La Liguilla"

Ladies and gentlemen, here we present the two formats that we will be carrying out once every month in our IF7KING LEAGUE: “Rey de la Pista” and “La liguilla”.

King of the Track

The method that saw the birth of this amateur soccer tournament in Madrid was the “King of the court.” A triangular scheme of 3 teams made up of 9 players each, who will face each other in a round-robin in 10-minute or 2-goal matches (if there is a tie, the team that just entered will continue on the field).

In case of a tie in points at the end of the triangular, the goal difference will be used as the tie-breaking criterion. If there is a tie in this item, a penalty shootout of 3 shots per team will be carried out. If you want to know more you can read our article about 2nd. IF7KING LEAGUE edition.

The League

The new format that is added to the IF7KING LEAGUE is “La Liguilla”. 6 teams of 9 players, 5 guaranteed matches of 12 minutes and a break of 3 minutes between each of the duels. To then find our two best classified who will go to the final and the third and fourth best who will compete for third place, in 15-minute duels.

Remember all our versions will have a video session, photography and live broadcast on our Twitch channel. In addition, the awards will be maintained for the champions, runners-up, scorers, MVP and least defeated hurdles.

This is the IF7KING LEAGUE!

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