Photograph of the David González Rubio soccer field.

David González Rubio Sports Center

Day after day at IF7SPORTS we work to give you a better football experience. That is why, today we are pleased to announce a new soccer field that will be available for the green soccer family in Madrid to show off their talent.

Located at Calle del Dr. Tolosa Latour, Usera, 28041. The David Gonzáles Rubio sports center is now available to the more than 50 thousand IF7SPORTS users. We organize 30 matches a day so that all our athletes have the best and most comfortable time and field to play football.

7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon and night, IF7SPORTS gives you the option to go play sports, meet people with your same passion and be part of the green family of amateur football in Madrid. We are the application with the best football level and best organization thanks to you.

Remember that our application is completely free and is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. You don’t need anything more than your willingness and talent to play with us, we take care of the field, organization, equipment and clothing.

We work for and for all of you, a new field joins us and becomes another of the many venues for IF7SPORTS talent to continue to shine in the capital of world football; Madrid.

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